Inform Citizens About Your Bakery At An Upcoming Business Expo

28 October 2017
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If you are going to be participating in a business expo that is being held at a local event center, such as Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center, and are going to be providing community members with samples of some of the baked goods that your bakery sells, use the tips that follow to advertise for the event and inform visitors who stop by your booth.  Display Signs At Your Bakery And Hand Out Bumper Stickers Read More 

Treating Claustrophobia In A Very Unique Way

24 June 2017
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People who experience claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces, often seek out treatments that utilize exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is exposing someone to that which causes them intense and irrational fear or anxiety, and then slowly building them up to a point where their fear is no longer a problem. Currently, a new form of entertainment known as "escape rooms" have only been utilized as entertainment, but they definitely could be used for the treatment of claustrophobia. Read More 

Home Safety Questions to Ask Before Hosting an Event

27 January 2017
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While hosting an event in your home can be a lot of fun, there are also practical aspects to think about for keeping everyone safe. Opening your home to a larger group of people than usual also means opening yourself up to greater liability. Here are some questions to ask about the logistics of keeping guests safe at your home event. Who Is Responsible for the Event? Your safety planning might look different if you are hosting an event for friends, coworkers, or acquaintances that belong to the same organization as you. Read More