Inform Citizens About Your Bakery At An Upcoming Business Expo

28 October 2017
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If you are going to be participating in a business expo that is being held at a local event center, such as Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center, and are going to be providing community members with samples of some of the baked goods that your bakery sells, use the tips that follow to advertise for the event and inform visitors who stop by your booth. 

Display Signs At Your Bakery And Hand Out Bumper Stickers

Display signs that have bold print on them across the bakery's front windows and door. Signs can have a catchy slogan added to them that encourages patrons to support your business by attending the business expo and stopping by the bakery booth.

Visit a printing facility that assists with designing and copying advertising materials. Inquire about having bumper stickers designed that contain information about the products that you sell and your personal upcoming appearance at the business expo. Give a bumper sticker to each person who visits your bakery. 

Decorate Your Booth With Lighting, Streamers, And Pictures Of Baked Goods

On the day of the business expo, arrive at the event center well in advance so that you can locate the booth that you will be utilizing throughout the extravaganza. If the booth has a roof, use string lights and streamers to adorn the edges of it. Otherwise, place decorative materials across the front of the booth.

Frame photographs of some of the baked goods in your bakery, including large wedding cakes, sheet cakes, and other creations that are too large for you to bring to the business expo. Hang the framed photos across the front of the booth so that people passing by your display will be able to see what types of products your business sells. 

Offer Samples And Provide A Basic Menu And Business Card

Prepare some sample baked goods at your bakery that will be sure to tantalize the tastebuds of people who stop by your booth. New creations that you have recently begun to sell, seasonal favorites, or baked products that contain an array of flavorings are some products to consider giving out.

Prepare samples that are small and uniform. Miniature cupcakes, pieces of fudge, or cookies are some products that will be easy to transport to the business expo. If you sell coffee or cider at your bakery, prepare a couple jugs of the beverages and bring them along to the event center to offer to people who attend the business expo. Give basic menus and business cards to people who stop by your booth.