Outdoor Wedding Weather Issues You Don’t Want To Overlook

12 July 2016
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Few things may seem more romantic than planning a wedding at a gorgeous outdoor venue. If you are like many brides, your main concern with such a venue may be with the weather. The largest concern is often rain, but this can usually be handled with the addition of an event tent or canopy. The key is to consider all weather conditions and make plans to deal with them. Wind Read More 

Three Room Setup Tips For Your Video Game Party

18 May 2016
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Once a fringe pastime of the nerdy crowd, video gaming is now a mainstream activity with 155 million Americans enjoying the activity at last count. It's become so popular that people are organizing gaming parties and competitions, so large groups of people can have fun slashing zombies together. If you're organizing such an event for your community, one thing you have to decide on is how best to arrange the space you've rented for maximum fun. Read More 

Four Ways To Bring Your Block Party To The Next Level

11 March 2016
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If you're been tasked with organizing your neighborhood's block party, then it's important to create an event that appeals to all ages and that will be talked about for years. Leave those boring block parties with folks playing cards and small-talking around tables in the past. With these four ideas, you can bring your block party to the next level: awesome. Set up a "main" activity for the kids. The kids will have a better party if there's an activity to draw their attention, and parents will enjoy themselves more with the kids out of their hair, too. Read More 

Practical Tips For Booking A Banquet Hall For Your Special Event

10 March 2016
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When you are planning a large special event, whether it be a wedding, banquet or even a conference, one of the most important aspects is where you are going to hold it. If the event is large enough, then a banquet hall or party room in a hotel is in order. Here are some tips to booking a banquet hall for your next event. Always Do Your Research Your first step is always doing your research on what is available in your area. Read More 

Two Myths About Using Video Editing Services

9 March 2016
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Technological advances have made video boutiques in the modern world, and as a result, you may find yourself needing help with video production. In particular, individuals can be in need of professional help with editing their videos. While there are services that can provide you with this help, you might know a couple of misconceptions about video editing services that could discourage you from using them. After you have these two notions about video editing dispelled, you will be able to make informed decisions about using these services. Read More