Rustic Wedding Theme: 4 Decor Ideas You Should Consider For Your Wedding Ballroom

5 July 2023
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Rustic weddings are gaining popularity as couples want to create beautiful and unique backdrops for their special day. The theme can add a touch of cozy and natural charm to your wedding ballroom.

Most planners can customize the wedding room to fit your desired look. From wooden furniture to flower walls, there are many creative ways to make the space look rustic and romantic. Here are four decor ideas you should consider for your wedding ballroom:

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture like tables, chairs, and benches can add character to your event. Choose pieces with an unfinished or distressed finish for a more rustic feel. You can also add cushions to the chairs for extra comfort and style.

Most venues will provide furniture. However, if you want something unique and personalized, you can always rent or buy your own pieces.

String Lights

Softly glowing string lights can transform your ballroom into an enchanting space. Hang them from the ceiling or around pillars and furniture to create a whimsical atmosphere. They look especially romantic when paired with sheer curtains or fabric drapes.

Some ballrooms feature lighting fixtures that can be programmed to change colors, making your space even more magical. Consult with your wedding planner to find out what is available.

Flower Walls

A flower wall can be a great way to add texture and color to your ballroom. Artificial or real flowers can be used, depending on the kind of look you are going for. You can mix and match different types of flowers, such as roses or daisies, to create a unique design.

When using artificial flowers, ensure to choose realistic-looking ones. You can also get creative with shapes and patterns for a custom look.

Mason Jars

Positioning mason jars around the room is an easy and affordable way to bring in a rustic vibe. Fill the jars with candlelight, flowers, or fairy lights for a charming effect. You can also place them on tables as part of the centerpieces or hang them from the ceiling for a dramatic look.

Mason jars are versatile and come in various sizes and shapes. You can also paint the jars for a personalized touch.

When it comes to decorating your wedding ballroom, the possibilities are endless. If you're planning a rustic-themed event, these four ideas can inspire you to create a unique setting. Consult a venue provider — like Russo's On The Bay — and planner for more ideas or advice on how to bring your vision to life.