Versatility Of Pipe And Drape Hardware Kits For Outdoor Weddings

16 February 2022
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Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you are the venue coordinator of a bed and breakfast or an event venue, you'll want to provide more outdoor options so your venue will be fully booked. One popular way of decorating for an outdoor event involves the use of pipe and drape hardware to create elegant backdrops and sectioned-off spaces. 

Pipe and Drape Hardware Kits Are Versatile 

Pipe and drape hardware consists of pipes that are connected together and placed into supporting stands to provide a horizontal element on which to hang drapes in various ways to create different effects. They can be used as a single unit to create a backdrop, a wall, or an archway.

They can also be placed together to create intimate spaces or rooms. Here are a few examples:

  • Create Intimate Spaces for dressing rooms. Since some of your couples will request their weddings to be held entirely outdoors, you can use pipe and drape hardware systems to create intimate spaces, such as dressing rooms for both the bride and for the groom. Of course, due to privacy issues and to prevent the groom from accidentally seeing the bride in her dress before the ceremony begins, the dressing rooms should be fully enclosed with the proper dense drapes. 
  • Provide guests with a baby and child's area. Connect the pipe and drape system to create a small room where guests with babies or small children can go if they have difficulties with quietly sitting through the ceremony. It can also provide a safe place for parents to change diapers and breastfeed, if necessary. Due to the potential noise that may come from this tent, don't locate it too close to where the bride and groom will exchange their vows. 
  • Construct shady areas. The pipe and drape hardware kits can be set up to provide guests with shade from the scorching sun. To do this, the fabric will be draped across the tops of several arches while leaving the sides open for the guests to view the ceremony. This creates an ideal place for guests who are susceptible to overheating when in direct sunlight, such as the grandparents of the bride and groom. 

Pipe and drape hardware can be configured in many ways to provide esthetically pleasing decorations for weddings. You can choose to customize the layout of the pipes for each wedding or keep the hardware layout the same.