Host An Outdoor Raffle And Luncheon

23 June 2020
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A community fundraiser that coordinates two social activities for your guests to enjoy can be hosted outdoors, provided you have adequate seating and protection from the elements. Rental tents and furnishings can be used to create an area to host an outdoor raffle and luncheon. Choose the setting, the tent styles, and the manner in which you will set up the area where your guests will be seated.

Choose An Outdoor Area And A Tent Type

Your fundraiser could take place in a parking lot or on a grassy surface that is part of your company's property. If you do not have enough space to accommodate a lot of people, reserve space at a local park or through an event coordinator. A business that offers rental items will feature everything from basic popup tents that are a solid color to large enclosures that each contain a peaked rooftop, side fabric panels, and multiple entrances and exits.

If the fundraiser is going to be representative of your business, choose rental tents that contain these colors or inquire about hanging banners or other types of signage from one of the rental tents. Lightweight materials and decorations can be suspended from canvas by using twine or wire and these types of adornments will allow you to customize each tent that you use.

You can either host the raffle underneath one tent and the luncheon under another or combine the two events and choose a single tent that will provide ample space to coordinate the two activities. Think about how you will orchestrate the fundraiser. You can suggest that your guests sit in rows or around tables. If you are going to be offering food while the raffle is underway, rent some tables and chairs and create a makeshift dining area that surrounds the stage or platform that you will be standing upon throughout the duration of the raffle. 

Add Lighting And Fans

Some rental tents are designed to allow natural light to filter in and if you choose a tent design that contains a skylight or open sides, additional lighting may not be required. If you choose a dark-colored tent material or an enclosure with siding, however, you may benefit by having lighting installed.

Ask the owner of the rental company if they feature lighting that can be suspended inside of each of their tents for rent that you select. If the raffle and luncheon are going to last for several hours or if the outdoor temperature will be high, rent or purchase some fans that can be used to keep the inside of the tent cool and comfortable.