Benefits Of Playing In A Two-Story Laser Tag Arena

28 February 2020
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While you can have plenty of fun in a laser tag arena that has just one story, experiencing this activity in a two-story venue offers even more fun. If you're planning a night of laser tag with a group of friends, organizing a birthday party for one of your children, or thinking about laser tag as a team-building activity for your staff, see if you can find a two-story venue in your community. Here are some benefits of playing laser tag in an arena that has two levels.

It Will Feel More Open

Generally, you'll find that laser tag arenas that have two levels feel far more spacious than those that offer just one level. Generally, a lot of the players will make their way to the upper floor, which can make the lower level feel more open. This can be ideal because you'll feel as though you have more places to move around during the game. While running is often prohibited for safety reasons, a less-congested environment can help you to move around quickly rather than getting caught behind teammates as you look for a place to hide.

It Offers More Shooting Spots

A major advantage of a two-story laser tag arena is that you'll have far more places to hide and target your opponents. A lot of people will be keen on quickly making their way to the upper level in order to secure vantage points that will allow them to survey the gaming space below them — much like a sniper climbing onto a rooftop or into a tree. You'll almost always find that two-story laser tag venues have a number of upper-floor spots that are perfectly set up for playing the role of a sniper, which can add a considerable amount of fun to your game.

If Provides More Hiding Places

You'll also find that a two-story laser tag arena offers more places for you to hide. Designers of these spaces know that people will be shooting from many angles, so they make an effort to provide a variety of top-notch hiding places on each floor. If you're concerned about snipers on the top floor, take a quick look around to find spots on the ground floor that will conceal you from their line of sight. Similarly, if you're on the second level and people are taking aim at you from below, duck into a nook for a few moments.

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