Create An Intimate And Alluring Setting For Your Wedding Reception

28 October 2019
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Use table runners, fabric covers, and lighting to create an intimate and alluring setting for your guests to enjoy while eating or conversing with others during your wedding reception. If the celebration is being held at a rental hall and you have a couple of close friends assisting you, set the room up the night before so that it is ready for the celebration immediately after you and your partner exchange vows.

Getting Ready In Advance Will Reduce Anxiety

The last thing that you need to contend with is rushing around and trying to set up the rental hall to your liking. When you reserve the space, walk around the premises and take some photographs so that you can look over the area that you have to work with and decide how you are going to arrange furnishings inside of it. You can either rent standard tables and chairs and create independent dining areas that are separate from one another or you can rent longer tables and place them side by side to create a banquet-style dining area.

If you are not going to have a lot of space to add separate tables to, create a double row dining area that consists of two long banquet-style tables. Tablecloths and chair covers can be used to add a themed print or a specific color that correlates to your wedding. White will be a good color to signify the wedding and you can use gold, silver, or another bold color to dress up each tabletop or chair back.

Use fabric runners that contain a glitter surface to cover the central portion of each table. Purchase fabric that is a similar style and cut strips of material to create bows for the back of each chair. The bows can be pinned to the fabric covers or a glue gun can be used to secure them to the covers.

You And Your Spouse Should Be In View

If you and your spouse will be eating at a separate table, arrange it so that you will be facing your guests. Add another table next to the area where the two of you will be seated and use it to display your wedding cake, pitchers of beverages, or platters of food. If you use battery-operated flickering candles in the room, you won't need to worry about accidentally damaging the rental furniture due to hot wax getting on the surface of one or more of the tables.

Flickering candles will also create a soft glow that can be enjoyed during an informal toast. Dim the rest of the lights in the room and leave the candles on. Then, make an announcement to your guests or request to give a toast.

For more information about wedding table rentals, contact an event supply rental service.