Ten Tips to Decorate a Banquet Hall for Your Baby Shower

5 April 2019
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If you are preparing for a baby shower, you may be challenged by decorating a banquet hall or larger venue for the event. Most baby shower decor can get swallowed up by a large space, but if you choose your decor wisely, you can create an inviting and intimate party in a big venue.

Ten tips to decorate a banquet hall for your baby shower are:

  1. Create conversation spaces. Rearrange conventional table-seating and create intimate conversation areas for guests, if possible  Ask venue staff about doing this for you. 
  2. Decorate the bathroom.  Always double-check the bathroom facilities yourself to ensure they will accommodate your guests. Add a touch of decorative flair with a toy stork, baby shower signage, or a bunch of balloons.
  3. Set up the gift table.  Set up a dedicated gift table with a diaper cake centerpiece; these are easy to make, stunning to see, and a great, affordable gift for the guest of honor.
  4. Use double-duty table decor.  For table decor, consider single stems of inexpensive flowers in bud vases for guests to take home. These look great during your event, too, and eliminate the need for pricey floral centerpieces.
  5. Dress up your chairs.  It is easy to dress up plain or traditional chairs with slipcovers, ribbons, flowers, and other crafting materials.
  6. Line up the favors.  Position a table by the door to line up and display your party favors. Small, clear bags of candy, tiny soaps, and potted seedlings look very festive when arranged by the entrance. Make sure to give each guest something small but special for attending your event.
  7. Fill a pinata.  Fill a big baby-themed pinata with candies, trinkets, and small gifts for your guests. This is a great idea when you are doing a gender reveal at the same event, and it is filled with items that are either pink or blue.
  8. Add a few rocks.  Got a gravel path or walkway leading to your venue? Buy a bag of crushed rock at your local home improvement store, they have all different kinds and colors, and lay the rock out on newspaper outside in an even, single layer, as much as possible. Give the rocks a light mist of metallic spray paint and allow to dry; nestle or scatter these sparkling rocks in with the gravel near your venue for a magical entrance to your shower.
  9. Suspend tissue pom-poms.  Soften a stately or vast venue with tissue paper pom-poms suspended from the ceiling. They are very easy and inexpensive to make!
  10. Hang a clothesline.  For decor, hang a clothesline on a wall with adhesive hooks that won't damage the wall, and suspend a few cute, new baby items from clothespins, like onesies, bibs, and tiny socks.

Talk to event staff at your venue to determine what you may and may not use or have in the space during your party. Also, inquire how early you will be permitted to come and decorate for your shower.

Go ahead and rent a convenient event banquet hall or another large venue for your baby shower; use these tips to create a warm and inviting event that is remembered fondly by all who attend.