Hot New Wedding Venue Trends And Where To Find Them

23 May 2018
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People choose some of the most bizarre and unique ways and places to tie the knot. They all want the day they got married to be memorable in whatever way it can be. That is why each generation of new couples chooses something new as a wedding trend for their wedding venue. 

Presently, the hot new wedding venue trends are something your parents would have shirked. That is because these venues are rather, well, dirty. By dirty, it does not mean vulgar, but rather there is actual dirt and/or grime involved. More to the point, these venues are rustic, but with the right touches, they can be quite romantic.

Barn Weddings

Barn weddings utilize old barns that are no longer in use for cattle or other farm animals. While the barns are cleaned, swept, and mostly free and clear of barn-roosting animals, your wedding dress will still pick up some dirt along the wooden or dirt floors. Still, barn weddings can be quite charming, and they can house quite the number of wedding guests.

Vineyard Weddings

Vineyard weddings take place on the green, grassy rows that separate the rows of grape vines. In the widest grassy row possible, or on adjoining grassy land overlooking the vineyard, you can marry your partner. Best of all, many vineyards throw in bottles of wine as part of the cost of renting their property for your wedding. 

Nature Center Weddings

Yes, even nature centers have jumped on the wedding wagon. Many couples who love animals and the great outdoors opt to be married in a nature center or along the numerous hiking trails surrounding the nature center. Antiquated hand-fasting ceremonies are often held in these venues as well.

Rodeo Weddings

A super-hot venue right now is a rodeo wedding. You rent out the rodeo barn space, get married on the dirt/sand floor of the rodeo ring, and your guests sit in the sands. If you time it well, you can also hire a traveling rodeo to perform for guests during the reception.

Industrial Chic Weddings

If you love steampunk, then you would absolutely adore an industrial chic wedding. Like steampunk, these venues combine the look of industrial components with modern twists and "magical" items. Quite often, the weddings are held aboard old steam engines, or in abandoned industrial sites-turned wedding venues. Dirt, dust, and rust are a must for these weddings and wedding venues.

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