4 Tips For Warming Up Your Winter Wedding

29 December 2016
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A winter wedding may not be the first choice on many couple's lists, but it can be a fantastic time to exchange vows. Modern winter nuptials can be beautiful and romantic with the right atmosphere. If you're planning one, there are 4 fabulous ways to warm up your own winter wedding.

Cozy Up the Venue. Make your wedding venue more inviting by adding layers and softness. Floor-to-ceiling drapes on walls or windows, billowing linens, and draped backgrounds provide a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Continue this mood by decorating with softer lighting such as candles or up-lighting along the outer walls. Rent or borrow some cozy furniture to give guests a place to relax and chat—such as overstuffed armchairs, a small sofa, or fainting couches. Work with the venue management to add coziness to your indoor decorations. 

Use a Modern Palette. Winter weddings don't have to be about Christmas colors or a white color scheme. Why not use a soft champagne or ivory base instead? These gorgeous neutral colors pair well with a deep and bold accent color like wine, violet, or sapphire. Or, add some drama with gold-foil appliques on the cake, gold-spray-painted branches in the centerpieces, gold invitation ink, or gold-and-white table linens. Because winter tends to tone down natural beauty around your wedding, feel free to play up the boldness a little in your color scheme. 

Bring Nature In. Nature may seem to be at rest during winter, but bringing touches of it inside can give your decorations new life. Greenery in the bouquets and cake decorations is a fun way to start. Whether it's velvety lamb's ear, dusty miller in the ladies' bouquets and men's boutonnieres, or curly willow branches in the table centerpieces, winter plants give any decoration a sense of uniqueness. 

Dazzle the Guests.  Don't feel like you have to use heavy bridesmaid dresses or thick and sturdy table decorations just because it's the cold and dark time of year. Jazz up your wedding style by incorporating sequins, beads, false gems, or other sparkly additions. Sparkly dresses combined with soft lighting make the bridal party look and feel special. You can add pearls, metallic accents, or cubic zirconium to things like centerpieces or bouquets for an inexpensive way to dress up any flower arrangement. And don't forget to spice up the ceremony venue with a fabulous hanging pendant lamp or chandelier for an added touch of glamour. 

Your modern winter wedding is a chance to work with a whole different theme and feeling than you would use when planning a spring or summer ceremony. Why not take this golden opportunity to warm up your wedding and leave your guests thoroughly dazzled?