Ensure Everyone Has Fun At Your Wedding Reception By Renting Bounce Houses For People To Jump In

19 October 2016
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When planning your wedding, you want to be sure that it is as fun and exciting for everyone as it can possibly be. A great way to make sure that kids and adults can have fun at your wedding is to have inflatable bouncy houses available for everyone to use. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when renting bouncy houses.

Get Permission from the Venue

Before renting the bouncy houses, you need to be sure that the venue where you are having your wedding reception will approve of them being set up on the property. Some venues will not allow the houses for liability reasons. They do not want to be held responsible if someone gets hurt while they are jumping in the houses. Most venues will not care though.

Ensure There Is a Power Source

You need to be sure that the company can have access to a power source or that you do not mind having generators at your wedding for the company to use to power the blower that is needed to fill the bouncy houses with air. Generators can be somewhat loud, so it is best to simply have a power outlet available for them to use if possible.

Consider the Weight Limits for the Houses

Take the time to find out what the maximum weight limit is on each of the bouncy houses you are considering renting. You want to be sure that both children and adults can play in the houses without causing damage to it. There are often fun inflatable games that you can rent, as well. The games often involve jousting or inflatable boxing. These are geared more towards adults and older kids, but they can be fun for everyone to watch.

Be sure to book the bouncy house rentals  from a company like Jump with Chris Party Rentals in advance to ensure that you can get them when you need them. The company will need a few hours to set everything up, so be sure to make arrangements with the venue to allow the company to have the time that they need. The company will take the time to take everything down when the night is over and haul it away so that you will not have to worry about paying any additional fees to the reception venue. The bouncy houses will allow everyone to have fun and act like a kid again, while they are at your wedding.