Outdoor Wedding Weather Issues You Don't Want To Overlook

12 July 2016
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Few things may seem more romantic than planning a wedding at a gorgeous outdoor venue. If you are like many brides, your main concern with such a venue may be with the weather. The largest concern is often rain, but this can usually be handled with the addition of an event tent or canopy. The key is to consider all weather conditions and make plans to deal with them.


Wind can be one of the most overlooked weather challenges at an outdoor wedding. Check your venue ahead of time to see if there are natural windbreaks, such as fences or trees. If not, then find out the prevailing direction of the wind at the location for the time of year. You can rent attractive temporary fence panels and have them put up to provide a wind break, or you can simply stretch canvas between stakes to create fabric breaks.

A stiff breeze can also make it hard to hear. Make sure your venue provides or that you rent a decent sound system so everyone can hear everything from the vows to the dance music.

Humidity and heat

There is only so much you can do in a humid climate. The main key is to keep the air moving, since moving air will relieve the stuffiness of a humid day. If there is no blowing rain, make sure any canopies or covers have open sides to allow the natural breeze to flow through. Also, rent fans and place them around the perimeter of the wedding area. There are attractive options available that also run quietly. To further cool your guests, consider printing the wedding program on attractive paper fans. This way everyone can cool themselves with the dual purpose item.


Insect pressure depends on the venue. If you outdoor venue is near a lake or water, mosquitoes can be a big problem. First, find out if the venue treats for insects like mosquitoes. If they don't, then you have a few options. Moving air, such as from fans, helps disperse insects. You can also use citronella candles in your centerpieces instead of regular candles to helps disperse bugs. Mosquito coils, which can be placed in out-of-the-way places, can also help. Finally, make sure the dining or reception tent has netting walls that can be kept down to discourage flies and other insects from bothering your guests.


Although most brides want a sunny day, too much can be a problem. Make sure the venue has covered shade, such as tree-lined areas or outdoor structures like gazebos. You can also rent canopies and tents to provide shade. Consider providing your guests with sun protection in the form of favors – monogrammed sunglasses and small bottles of sunblock can be a cute idea.

For more tips on dealing with the weather, contact your venue provider.

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