Three Room Setup Tips For Your Video Game Party

18 May 2016
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Once a fringe pastime of the nerdy crowd, video gaming is now a mainstream activity with 155 million Americans enjoying the activity at last count. It's become so popular that people are organizing gaming parties and competitions, so large groups of people can have fun slashing zombies together. If you're organizing such an event for your community, one thing you have to decide on is how best to arrange the space you've rented for maximum fun. Here are three room setup tips for your video game party.

Single or Multiplayer?

The best seating arrangement for your party will depend on the type of game(s) that will be played. Will everyone be playing the same game or are you just providing space for people to play the game of their choice in a social setting?

If it's the former, you may want to have large round or square tables set up cafeteria or banquet style that allow people to sit in groups. For instance, members of the same party can sit together and strategize how to approach dungeons and quests. However, if it's a bring-your-own-game type of party, then you may want to have a mixture of desks and small tables in the room. This way, people can choose to either sit alone or with others according to their preference.

Another thing to consider is the location of the outlets in the event space. People will need to plug in their computers, so you want the tables to be close to electrical outlets. For example, if outlets are only available by the walls, then you may want to put the tables along the room's perimeter so people can access them.

Put in Extra Fans

Most event spaces set the temperature in their rooms at a certain level to ensure people are comfortable. However, computer equipment generates quite a bit of heat, so the temperature setting may not be adequate. It may be helpful to put in a few rotating fans in the corner of the room to help circulate the air and keep everyone cool. Alternatively, you can place smaller fans on the tables to help dissipate heat from close bodies and electrical equipment.

Make Sure There's Ample Aisle Space

It may be tempting to push the tables close together to fit in as many people as possible. However, it's best to ensure there's ample aisle space. Not only does this make it easier for people to move around the room, it provides space for people to get up and stretch. Sitting for long periods of time can be dangerous, as it can encourage blood clots to form in the legs, so you want to provide every opportunity for your guests to get some exercise.

For more information about arranging your event space to support your game party, contact an event coordinator.