Practical Tips For Booking A Banquet Hall For Your Special Event

10 March 2016
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When you are planning a large special event, whether it be a wedding, banquet or even a conference, one of the most important aspects is where you are going to hold it. If the event is large enough, then a banquet hall or party room in a hotel is in order. Here are some tips to booking a banquet hall for your next event.

Always Do Your Research

Your first step is always doing your research on what is available in your area. The majority of large cities and many small towns have several banquet halls, hotel party rooms or even resort facilities you can choose from. Once you know the capacity of the room you will need – how many guests are coming, then you will need to research which halls in your area can accommodate you.

When you narrow it down, research online first for reviews, pictures and what the banquet hall can offer you. When you have chosen one or two venues, then give them a call and book a tour through their facilities with either the manager of the property or their special event coordinator.

Look Around Carefully

When you visit the property, take a look around the outside of the property before heading inside. This can give you an idea of your guests' first impression of the venue and if the property is well maintained. This is especially important if it's a conference of business leaders or people you want to impress.

If you are satisfied with the outside appearance of the property, then head indoors and meet with your contact person. When they are taking you on the tour, look around carefully for any cracks in the walls or floors, the cleanliness of the building, the decor and even check out the public bathrooms to see if they are up to your standards.

Interview Your Contact Person

Once the tour is completed, sit down with the contact person – either the manager or coordinator and have a list of questions you wish to ask. You could ask whether the venue offers catering or their own wait staff. You can ask if the property staff will decorate for you and if that is an extra cost or included in the price of rental. Don't be afraid to find out everything you want to know including price lists and if there is a security or cleaning deposit.

If you are satisfied with your banquet hall tour and all your questions are answered in the way you feel comfortable, go over the contract carefully before signing. If you wish anything to be added, then ask for it. Once you feel everything is in order, only then sign the contract to book your event.