Common NLP Techniques That Can Lighten Your Mood

9 March 2016
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At one time or another, you may start experiencing feelings of discouragement, sadness or frustration. Neurolingual programming, or NLP, offers many techniques that work to change your mood and life using language and specific actions. Here's a sampling of some steps you can take in order to feel better when you're feeling down.


The NLP technique of anchoring allows you to "anchor" a good or desirable feeling in your mind so that when you are feeling bad, you can recall that good feeling on demand. You may already be using this technique when you listen to particular types of music or particular songs before you head out for a fun night on the town, for example.

A common way to use the anchoring technique is to sit quietly and think of a happy experience for a number of minutes. Remember the smells, the sounds, the colors and truly see yourself in the experience. When you are truly reliving the experience, squeeze the lobe of your ear or press your pinky against your thumb. That action is "setting the anchor." You might want to set the anchor for yourself over the period of a few days.

In the future, when you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable, squeeze your earlobe or press your thumb against your pinky. This should activate a feeling of well-being that is linked to the same kind of good feeling from your memory.


One of the best things you can do to lighten your mood is to take a more active role in your thoughts by reframing a negative situation into a positive one. For instance, if your significant other has ended the relationship recently, you might feel upset and unhappy. To put the NLP practice of reframing into practice, you might sit down and write down positive things about the end of your relationship. You might write that now you have more free time for yourself, you can do things or go places that your significant other didn't enjoy, or you will now be able to concentrate on your career. 

By actively looking for the positive aspects of a negative situation, whenever you start to feel bad, you can choose to focus on the good things you've already thought of. Reframing the situation, over time, can offer you a sense of relief instead of only bad feelings. 

The tips outlined in this article are just some of many NLP techniques that can help you to shift your thinking and enjoy better moods more often. If you would like to find out more ways to improve your life, you might consider seeking out the best NLP training in your area so you can learn from experts who can provide you with techniques that are best suited to your goals and life.