Hire Trade Show Models For Your Next Convention And Increase Product Exposure

17 August 2015
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Most trade show and convention participants pull out all the stops to get their booths noticed. If you have a sales event in your future, you might consider booking trade show models, also called spokesmodels. Below is a brief explanation of how they differ from runway models, and how these professionals bring attention to your product.

What is a Trade Show Model?

Runway models and trade show models are alike in that they both draw attention to a product, but, there are marked differences. Some models are able to handle both roles equally well.

Runway Models

Runway models usually don an outfit, take the stage for a quick walk down the "runway" and then head backstage for the next outfit. You only see them for the brief  time they model the clothes. Unless the designer arranges an after-hour party or private showing, there is usually little interaction between customers and models.

Trade Show Models

Trade show models dress in clothing appropriate to your product and the type of event held. Their specialty is not only to catch the eye of people walking by, but to entice them to your booth by using dazzling smiles and friendly, intelligent conversation. Some models double as sales staff, but it's more common to have company personnel on hand to take care of possible clients.

How Trade Show Models Maximize Your Product's Exposure

By Promoting Your Brand or Logo

No matter if your firm is marketing a hot car or simple office supplies, you're bound to have a logo, brand name of slogan. Incorporate one or all of your branding items into clothing that is appropriate for the product and the event.

For example, a trade show model working a car show is more apt to wear clothing that is more adult in nature, such as short skirts and mid-drift bearing tops. If you are trying to pitch the latest Mustang, you need a look that is equal to that flashy car.  

If you are marketing those office supplies at a more sedate business event, you'll most likely want a more classic, professional look. Don't mistake professional for boring though. There's nothing wrong with bright colors, heels and a lovely smile.

By Creating a Positive, Lasting Impression

Your clients, and future clients, will remember the lovely lady that greeted them warmly. Go beyond that and hire trade show models that are familiar with your industry and/or your product. The models can begin the education and sales conversation at first contact. That almost guarantees that the client will not only remember that dazzling smile, but the firm she represents.