Host An Outdoor Raffle And Luncheon

23 June 2020
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A community fundraiser that coordinates two social activities for your guests to enjoy can be hosted outdoors, provided you have adequate seating and protection from the elements. Rental tents and furnishings can be used to create an area to host an outdoor raffle and luncheon. Choose the setting, the tent styles, and the manner in which you will set up the area where your guests will be seated. Choose An Outdoor Area And A Tent Type Read More 

Benefits Of Playing In A Two-Story Laser Tag Arena

28 February 2020
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While you can have plenty of fun in a laser tag arena that has just one story, experiencing this activity in a two-story venue offers even more fun. If you're planning a night of laser tag with a group of friends, organizing a birthday party for one of your children, or thinking about laser tag as a team-building activity for your staff, see if you can find a two-story venue in your community. Read More 

Outdoor Wedding Party Rental Ideas

14 January 2020
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If you're holding your wedding and/or reception outdoors, there are several ways that you can make the space more comfortable and inviting for your guests. No matter how many items you need or how large your celebration is, you can find what you need from a party rental company. While some of the party rentals will add to the overall ambiance and fun factor of the event, other items will provide relief from the elements. Read More 

2 Things You Can Do To Make Your Loved One’s Funeral Special

9 December 2019
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When your loved one dies, you want to make sure that you are honoring them and memorializing them in a way that makes you happy and in a way that you think that they may want. There are a number of things that you can do with their funeral or memorial service to make it even more special.  Dove Release One thing that you can do is to arrange to have a dove release at some point during the service. Read More 

Create An Intimate And Alluring Setting For Your Wedding Reception

28 October 2019
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Use table runners, fabric covers, and lighting to create an intimate and alluring setting for your guests to enjoy while eating or conversing with others during your wedding reception. If the celebration is being held at a rental hall and you have a couple of close friends assisting you, set the room up the night before so that it is ready for the celebration immediately after you and your partner exchange vows. Read More