Fun Ways To Display Your Used Concert Tickets

29 August 2016
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If you enjoy going to see concerts in your spare time, you most likely have ticket stubs, like those from Academy Tickets, and perhaps even VIP passes that you have kept as mementos. Instead of shoving these treasures inside a jewelry box or china cabinet drawer, consider displaying them where you will be able to view them daily. Here are some fun ways to show off the concerts you have seen to others.

Create A Trendy Piece Of Furniture

One great way to get your concert stubs into view is by incorporating them into a piece of furniture you use each day. Laminate each of your concert tickets so they have a hard plastic protective cover. Afterward, glue the stubs directly to an old wood desk or table using a heavy-duty contact cement. Add a coating of polyurethane over the tickets to seal them into place. Consider overlapping the tickets slightly, placing them somewhat haphazardly so they create a collage appearance. When you go to another concert, the stub can be added and more polyurethane will quickly set it into place.

Keep Tickets In A Coffee Table Scrapbook

Show a timeline of your past concerts inside a standard scrapbook. This can be proudly displayed as a coffee table book for those visiting to browse. Add photographs taken at concerts as well as newspaper clippings or pictures from magazines of artists you had seen. Letter stickers can be added to give headings to each page along with the date and venue of the concert if desired.

Use Walls To Show Off Your Concert Past

Purchase a picture frame with separate areas for photo additions. Instead of placing photographs in the frame, glue a concert ticket stub to a piece of colored card stock to place in each slot. As you see additional shows, more frames can be added to your wall. This is a wonderful, eye-catching way to share your concert history with those in your home.

Add Your Stubs To Your Refrigerator

Purchase paper-sized magnet sheets to turn your stubs into refrigerator magnets to hold your recipes, photographs, and notes in place. Simply glue your ticket stubs to the magnetic sheet and use a pair of scissors to cut them out. Before cutting, apply a clear coat of polyurethane over your ticket stubs so they do not deteriorate from being handled as you move them around on your refrigerator. Each time you go to get a snack, you'll be reminded of the fun you had!